The 17 Miracle Prayer Points that Make You Rich

Someone asked me the other day what was the most effective prayer point to pray and become wealthy.

I did some digging around and found out that the most powerful prayer points for wealth are the ones prayed by one of our partners over 5 years ago.

He wasn't prepared for what happened after.

Here's his story...

He was waiting on the Lord (kingdom-speak for prayer and fasting) for 40 days when the Lord spoke to him the words of Ps 2 verse 8, which says:

"Ask of me and I will give you the heathen for thy inheritance and the outermost part of the earth for thine possession."

That was his blank cheque. He asked. And asked. And asked.

How did he ask?

He converted that piece of scripture into what we call a prayer point (he came up with 17 of them based on just that one Bible verse).

Then he began to pray it in a very violent manner (the violent takes it by force, remember).

What was the result?

Within a year, he started a wireless communication business.

The Lord gave him amazing favor.

Today that business is worth billions and operates in 3 continents!

And, oh... he was named as one of Time Magazines' Top 100 influential persons of 2002.

Along with such household names as Oprah and Michael Dell.

I'm going to give you a few of the prayer points in a moment.

All you desire in life, including inter- generational wealth can be yours, depending on the prayer points you pray!

And hear this...

Prayer points are the missing secret in the body of Christ today!

That's why most christians have never received a tangible, verifiable miracle!

And what's a prayer point?

A piece of scripture converted into short, sharp,aggressive sounding prayers that can easily be prayed over and over again.

- No, this is not vain repetition

because it is the word of God.

* It packs real power. It carries fire.

* It can build your relationships.

* It can build a church, or a skyscraper.

* It can flood your life with divine favor.

* Or get your body (or loved ones) healed.

* It can put the honey back in your marriage

If you want to test drive those prayer points, here are just 4 of them:

The 17 Miracle Prayer Points...

1. O Lord, let my angel of blessing locate me today in the name of Jesus.

2. Let the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ come upon the works of my hands in Jesus' name.

3. Angels of the living God, search the land of the living and the dead and recover all my stolen wealth in Jesus' name.

4. O Lord, anoint my eyes to see the hidden riches of this world.

Note: For the rest of the prayer points and other goodies, please visit:

Be blessed!

Prayer coach Elisha Goodman helps busy people get quick results through prayer. Learn more about his two golden key secrets that guarantee answers to your prayers at

Check out his ebook packed with tips and strategies on how to attract a car, house, spouse or anything else you desire through prayer - almost everytime you pray at


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